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This site allows you to specify the location details for each of your VoIP telephone numbers which is critical when calling 999 for emergency services for assistance. In fact‚ knowing where you are physically calling from can make the difference between life and death. Unlike 999 calls from standard landlines (PSTN or ISDN)‚ calls from VoIP numbers don’t result in the physical location of the caller appearing automatically on the operator’s screen. Since the VoIP service is delivered via IP‚ the caller is not necessarily restricted by a fixed location and this poses a challenge for the emergency services’ operations.

To provide a safeguard‚ this 999 VoIP Emergency Location Service website enables you to provide that information accurately. Simply login using your VoIP service username and password. Then‚ set up your locations and assign them to each of your VoIP numbers. Addresses registered will be passed onto the UK emergency services which will allow them to update their databases. Watch the short video for further explanation.